SGM Board – Please Fulfill Your Commitments

The SGM Board just released a statement regarding their meeting with AoR and highlighted what was accomplished in the recent meeting in Louisville, KY (Aside: SGM members: get used to hearing – “reporting from Louisville”).   You can read the entire statement here.

With little surprise, but great disappointment to this blogger, they appointed John Loftness as Chairman.   It is unclear what relevant competencies Mr Loftness has demonstrated befitting this position but there are reasonable questions raised to the contrary.  Contrary evidence of his qualification would include but not limited to – his management of the Ashburn church crisis and his poor communication with key churches in his region.   But then again, he is loyal to CJ Mahaney – so perhaps in that regard we should not be surprised that he is considered to be eminently qualified.

Let me just take this opportunity to remind the SGM board of the commitments that has been established with SGM members.

First, please, be men of your word.   Giving us an update is fine and all… but what we expect is for you to release the AoR report in entirety, without edits and word-smithing.   Our confidence in SGM leadership to “do the right thing” is at an all time low.   Please demonstrate the kind of gospel centered courage that brings into view all faults, failures and sins – takes responsibility for them – but leans into Christ to redeem.

Second – be accountable to appoint a new President immediately as we were led to believe would happen after CJ returned to office.   Please do not allow misguided loyalties derail the future of SGM.   SGM isn’t CJ’s or your personal ministry experiment.   Think instead about the thousands of stakeholders who have invested their lives – through  financial giving and gifts employed in service to their local SGM churches.   Please hold CJ and others in SGM corporate leadership accountable for the undefined polity, abysmal communication practices,  heavy handed apostolic authority and failed example.   This means a whole new leadership team and structure.   If you fail to do that, you will not regain the confidence of members.

Finally, actually come clean, listen and make changes. The excuse till now has been the temporal nature and limitations of the interim board.   Now that we have a permanent board in place – please act with integrity and do as you should.


6 thoughts on “SGM Board – Please Fulfill Your Commitments

  1. I meant “we” as in “me,” sgmNation. 🙂 Take your time – I’m sure when (if) you are ready to respond, it will be worth reading…

    I’m a fast reader so I was through it in about 35 minutes after it was released. Neither it nor CJs short response note were the game-changers I was hoping for (though not exactly expecting) with regard to SGM though.

    SGM leadership has clearly moved on. They have an official apology on the books now and if someone isn’t satisfied with that, well, maybe they just haven’t practiced forgiveness and need to re-listen to Kober’s teaching on the subject. Now, they are off to Kentucky to start over.

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