Former SGM Pastor Makes Appeal

Some of you have wondered why this blog has been so quiet recently.   All I can say is – thanks for even noticing –  but the main reason for a lack of activity is that I’ve been bogged down with significant workload at my job.

Also, I would like to put some thoughts together on apostles which will take a little more time to piece together.

However, in the meantime, there is this post from a former SGM pastor.  I suspect many of you have already read it but Rick Thomas makes an appeal for a compassionate disposition from “SGM Corporate” toward those who are hurting from the SGM debacle.   I agree with much of what he says but the main thing I want to highlight is the tone of his blog post as an example of how to engage your pastoral team with SGM related issues.   You can make your points, even difficult points – but make them biblically and humbly – and hopefully your pastors will listen with an open mind and humble heart.

Feel free to read, share your thoughts.


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