Follower of Jesus Christ – happily attending a SGM church. This blog is a hopefully reasonable voice of one regular member calling for reform in SGM.   It’s important to understand –  I’m not disgruntled. I am a current, not former member, and I’m not going anywhere…I’ll be attending my SGM church until they kick me out.  Also, this is not about CJ or picking sides.  I respect my pastors and count them as my friends.

However, SGM needs to change if it’s going to continue to effectively serve the members in local SGM churches.   All change is hard but let’s get on with it.  Let’s not be afraid to disagree.  Strong disagreement isn’t rebellious or divisive if it’s done respectfully and in pursuit of truth.   I believe disagreement and love for the brethren can occur at the same time and is not an incompatible state.

And, another thing – I will not be posting often but hopefully when I do, it’ll be something meaningful.   Thanks for stopping by



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hope you are still around, sgmnation! Have missed hearing from you, and have valued your perspective and economy of words in the past. Merry Christmas!

  2. I agree there needs to be reforms at SGM and from within the former SGM churches (but which now, just have SGM-like teaching). Could someone put together a concise list of protests against the teaching of SGM, similar to Luthes 95 Theses ? I do so appreciate the good things SGM has been used for by God, if only it could reform in some key areas.

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