Why This Blog Exists

SgmNation is not an “anti-SGM” blog.  In fact, it is anything but “anti-SGM” – I might even consider that it is pro-SGM in the truest sense of the phrase.   I recognize the many good things that have emerged from my association with SGM – I have profited much from being part of SGM – my marriage, my parenting, my spiritual life is richer for this wonderful association  I especially love my local SGM church community and respect my pastors.  My life is markedly different as a result of the grace of God generously poured out to me through my local church.

So why blog?  Why call for reform in a public way?   Primarily I do this because I believe God would have me do so.   I do it because I want to see the good in SGM – the zeal for gospel application, worship and community –  perpetuate and preserved while eliminating the crud of legalism, hypocrisy and arrogant leadership patterns.  I want to call my fellow SGM church members to consider their role in making change occur in SGM.

I’m hoping that this blog will make you think, drive you to engage your pastors in godly dialogue and pray for real change.  It is my desire to do this while maintaining the best attributes of Christian conversation – characterized by truth and love.   This is important to me and while I’m not perfect, I do invite all who read here to email me if you believe that any of my posts are contrary to that spirit.  (sgmnation at gmail).   Please read, comment, participate – ground rules are simple – no profanity, no hateful speech, no personal, targeted name-calling – all three in combination is especially undesirable 🙂  Other than that, feel free to critique, discuss and suggest provocative ideas for change.

Finally, I’m not delusional – I know blogs don’t change people, much less organizations.   However, I’m hoping that the God who uses foolish things to shame the wise and weak things to shame the strong (1 Cor 1:27), might choose to use this foolish blog to bring good to a few.

Grace to you


3 thoughts on “Why This Blog Exists

  1. SGMnation,
    I respect you and your desire to be a voice in the wilderness crying for holiness like th Prophets of OT. They were not the most popular among thier people but God used them to call his people to turn from sin and hubmle themselves. He promised that he will relent and bless them if they turn from their evil ways. Let us cry out. I hope and pray that more and more pastors in SGM churches will join this chorus as well. I do not see anywhere in the bible where God said that SGM is needed to build his church. I do not believe God needs any one of us to build his church. He has sustained his church through many thousands of years and is more than capable to do it this time. God does call his people to faith, stand up for righteousness, and use these men and women for his glory. Satan may afflict his people only to the extent he aloows him. Stand firm for his name and his glory. Sternly reject all other. May our Lord Jesus be glorified!

    • KeeptheFaith – thank you very much for your kind, encouraging words. I’m no prophet but I am a rescued sinner and child of God – for that I am grateful. Let’s keep praying and calling for change

  2. sgmnation, friend, i’ve been waiting to hear something from you, and you have been quiet for awhile. i have posted my last over at refuge, seems folks are turning on and devouring one another. too sad, must move forward at some point. but i want you to know that your perspective was most helpful on several occaisions, and i have thanked God many times for you and your willingness to speak truth in love. blessings!

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